Customized Instagram Strategy

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Social Media


Customized Instagram Strategy
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Social Media

Who doesn’t want to be an influencer these days? Post some pictures, get some free products, and call it a day, right?! This client is a full-time traveler who was interested in growing their Instagram profile. They were hoping to gain a better understanding of how to be successful and profitable through the Instagram platform. Even though it may not be as easy as it seems to grow an account, there are definite strategies you can use to start making a living out of living.

How we helped:

◉ A customized 20-page Instagram strategy

◉ An overview of the app and its features

◉ Tips and tricks to growth on Instagram

◉ Research of the client’s 3 target audience

◉ Strategy for how to best reach their audience

◉ A content posting schedule, related hashtags, tags, and SEO

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