Sea and Soil Creations

Client Type

Side-Hustle Entrepreneur

Project Focus

Web Development & Design
Graphic Design
Product Photography


Online Shop
Packing & Shipping Materials

The Challenge

Sea and Soil Creations was a small, artist-owned boutique in Florida. Using scavenged items from around the world, they create one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories & home decor. The challenge, as with most small businesses in a highly competitive market, was creating a site that would attract new customers as well as keep previous shoppers coming back. While this artist also sold on other platforms, by creating their own website and online shop, they were able to avoid paying fees and commissions to third-party sites.

The Solution

Create an easy-to-find website through effective SEO. Using specific, researched terms we were able to drive traffic to the site from Google and other search engines. 

Sales in First Year

Star Reviews

Accomplished Goals

Emphasize the Uniqueness

Sea and Soil Creations were hand-crafted pieces, each with a unique story. We wanted to be sure customers felt the art’s true value by highlighting features such as vegan, 100% natural, cruelty-free & from famous locations. While the pieces were beautiful, the knowledge of where they came from aided in their merit.

Utlize Researched SEO

With such a niche market, it was crucial that the right type of user end up at their shop in order to increase sales. Through the research of the market and current trends, we utilized a list of researched words and phrases to include on the site. Doing this led the site to be discovered more often through search engines.

Increase Sales

To many artists, selling and marketing product can be difficult. It is a less creative part of the process, though, it is obviously an important piece of creative work. Through the creation of this site, we were able to increase the sales and profits of this small business which ultimately lead to the artist being able to do more of the fun part, create.

Designed for Owner Updates

This site was specifically designed for the owner to be able to easily make updates and changes to the shop and blog. While many small business owners need help in the development of their site, many can not afford to pay a designer for every little change. When working with small businesses and start-ups on a tight budget, it is financially fundamental to develop a site that is easy to maintain.

Creating a Site for a Creative

When two creatives come together to build a shop for local art, the results are something just short of magical. With a collaborative workflow, we created a website for this small business that matched exactly what they had envisioned.

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